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People’s Daily (Oversea Edition): Asking the U.S. for Help When in Trouble Involves a Misconception

People’s Daily (Oversea edition) published an article commenting on the remarks that U.S. President Obama made when the CBS program, "60 Minutes," interviewed him on September 28. Obama stated that the United States is an indispensable nation and that people will ask the U.S., not Beijing and not Russia, for help when they are in trouble. 

The article said, "President Obama’s remarks give people the following impression. There are too many troubles in the world. If we have trouble, our first thought is to make a phone call to the U.S. for help. Only the United States has the ability to help us deal with the trouble." 
"The world indeed has a lot of trouble. However, we have to ask, ‘Where did these troubles come from?’ Obama is unwilling to admit that the United States itself created a lot of the trouble in the world." 
"In this world, some countries have indeed asked the U.S. for help. However, many times, there is really nothing good that can be said about the United States ‘help.’ The Iraqi government invited the United States to help fight the ‘Islamic State.’ The Afghan government wants the United States to help deal with the Taliban. If we just take a look at the past and the present situation of these anti-government forces and their relationship with the U.S.’ intervention in the state affairs in these countries, we will see the obvious track record of how the U.S. makes trouble first and then helps clean up the trouble." 
"Therefore, very often, the situation is not ‘getting help from the U.S. when having trouble.’ It is the United States that has created the trouble."   

Source: People’s Daily, October 1, 2014