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Guangming Daily: The Party’s “Mass line” Campaign Should Focus on the Countryside

Guangming Daily carried an article on the on-going Party’s "mass line" campaign, stating that the countryside should be the main focus of the activity. The article said that the Party cadres in the countryside should work on three key components. They should close the gap between themselves and the people, build interpersonal relations with the people, and improve their self-discipline. The article also required that the Party cadres in the countryside should practice how to work with the mass public in the countryside and handle conflicts and pressure to ensure social stability.

According to English CCTV, China’s leaders launched the "mass line" initiative in June 2013 in order to boost ties between CCP officials, Party members, and the people. At the same time they were to clean up four undesirable work styles – formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism, and extravagance.

Source: Guangming Daily, September 30, 2014
English CCTV