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Xinhua: Western Media and Western Forces Are Behind the Occupy Central Movement

On October 4, Xinhua published an article that accused a few western media of carrying articles that had a biased view in that they promoted the democratic concept and called the “occupy central movement” in Hong Kong “The Umbrella Revolution.” The article named the U.S. government for being the “Western force” that upholds the “occupy central” movement in Hong Kong by guiding the media and providing financial assistance. The article further stated that the U.S. consulate in Hong Kong backs the Hong Kong American Center, which is under Hong Kong Chinese University. In March of this year, the center organized a workshop training for college students to become leaders in the occupy central movement. Toward the end, the article stated that the color revolutions in Egypt, Thailand, Libya, and Ukraine received assistance from the outside world but still ended up having domestic chaos and social turmoil. It questioned what the western media are trying to accomplish when some of them even call occupy central the “Hong Kong Spring.”

Source: Xinhua, October 4, 2014