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Guangming Daily: Promote the Party’s Red Culture and Take Control of Ideological Work

Guangming Daily published an article written by Zhang Quanjing, the former deputy head of the Organization Department. The article illustrated the importance for the Party in promoting red culture and taking control of ideological work. The article stressed that ideological work was one of the reasons that the Soviet Union failed, leading to its collapse. In the article, the author emphasized that the Party members should be on guard so as that they remain firm in resisting the invasion of Western ideology that comes from the “international hostile forces.” Such ideology promotes a democratic constitution and democratic socialism with the goal of denying the existence of the Chinese Communist Party. In closing, the article emphasized that the Party members should increase the amount of study of theories while the Party should reinforce its rules among the members and punish those who try to smear the image of the Party.

Source: Guangming Daily, November 28, 2014