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Xi Jinping: China Should Develop Its Own Version of Great Power Diplomacy

Xinhua published an article reporting on a talk that Xi Jinping gave at a conference that the central foreign affairs office recently held. Xi gave the direction that China must develop its own version of “great power diplomacy.” Xi said that the diplomacy work should involve constantly assessing and understanding the current trends and risks. The greatest opportunity China faces is to continue to develop itself with a focus on dealing with a number of risks and challenges. According to Xi, China must maintain and strengthen the leadership of the Party and firmly walk the socialistic path with Chinese characteristics. Xi said that China should not give up its own rights or its core interests. … It should also try to gain understanding and support from the international society about the China Dream. … Xi also instructed that, at the same time, China should work on increasing its soft power while telling a good story about China [portraying China in a positive light].

Source: Xinhua, November 29, 2014