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Wang Huning on Building “Christianity With Chinese Characteristics”

Xinhua reported that the 11th National Congress of Chinese Christianity was held in Beijing from December 20 to 21. Wang Huning, a member of the Chinese Communist Party’s Politburo Standing Committee and Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), met with members of the leadership of the national Christian congress.

Wang Huning stressed “adherence to the sinicization of Christianity in China, following the principles of being independent [from Western Christianity] and self-managed, and providing doctrinal interpretations that align with contemporary China’s development, socialist core values, and traditional Chinese culture. [Chinese Christians] must adhere to comprehensive and strict governance of religious practice, conduct religious activities in accordance with laws and regulations, and build a team of religious professionals who are politically reliable, knowledgeable in religion, morally influential, and capable of playing a crucial role at critical time.”

Source: Xinhua, December 24, 2023