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China’s “Cultural Enterprises” Expanding Overseas

People’s Daily reported that many Chinese culture enterprises — companies providing culture-related services and entertainment or selling products related to China’s culture heritage — have been expanding to the global market in recent years.

The People’s Daily report gave the following examples of cultural enterprises: Chinese TV series with Chinese culture elements, such as silk embroidery, qipao (traditional Chinese dress), jade carving, etc, have become popular online; commercial virtual reality videos to show undersea world near the coast of China; and companies hosting online livestreams of the Peking Opera performance.

At China’s 2023 Cultural, Trade, Investment and Financing Expo in Hefei City, Anhui Province, approximately 1,000 companies from both domestic and international origins participated. The expo showcased over ten thousand cultural products and various distinctive artistic skills.

Source: People’s Daily, January 3, 2024