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Reporters Without Borders: China Has the Largest Number of Jailed Reporters

BBC Chinese recently reported that the Reporters Without Borders Organization, headquartered in Paris, just released its 2014 summary of global statistics on reporters subjected to violence. According to this latest summary, in 2014, 178 professional reporters were jailed worldwide. Among these reporters, Mainland China jailed 29, which represents a 17 percent share. That is the worst in the world. Also, out of all “citizen journalists” (non-professionals) jailed globally, the Mainland China government jailed 78. Combining the professional and non-professional jailed reporters, Mainland China has a share of around 30 percent, the highest among all nations. The Reporters Without Borders summary especially mentioned well-known Chinese reporter Gao Yu, who is facing a possible 15-year term, which is on top of the seven years she has already served. The summary also mentioned that 1,864 reporters have been attacked or threatened globally. Mainland China attacked or threatened 84 of those, thus ranking it number five (Ukraine, Venezuela and Turkey are the top three nations). 
Source: BBC Chinese, December 16, 2014