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China News: China Firmly Opposes Obama Selling Frigates to Taiwan

China News recently reported that U.S. President Obama just signed a bill to sell Taiwan four “Perry Class” frigates. These are the USS Taylor, USS Carr, USS Gary and USS Elrod. It is expected that the two parties will complete the transaction next year. The U.S. Congress started pushing this bill toward the end of 2013. It took 13 months to go through the legislative process. The Senate passed the bill on December 4 and the House passed it on December 10. Before the Congress passed the bill, the Spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs made it clear that the United States is once again breaking its promise and that China strongly opposes this bill. He also called for a complete stop to pushing this bill through and recommended that the President should not sign it. The Chinese government expressed the belief that this bill will “hurt the relationship” between the United States and China.
Source: China News, December 19, 2014