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People’s Daily: China’s Largest Corporation of Foreign Culture Performing Arts is Making Connections Abroad

People’s Daily Online interviewed Li Jinsheng, the Communist Party Secretary and Chairman of China Arts and Entertainment Group. Below are some excerpts from the interview:

“Established in 2004, China Arts and Entertainment Group originated from the China Foreign Performance Company and the China Foreign Art Exhibition Center, founded in 1957 and 1950, respectively. Over the past 70 years, especially in the nearly 20 years since its formation, China Arts and Entertainment Group has been dedicated to engaging in cultural exchanges, telling China’s stories, and spreading the country’s voice abroad.”

“As the largest and only state-owned enterprise specializing in foreign cultural exchanges, the group aligns its work with the country’s diplomatic priorities. One significant aspect is coordinating cultural activities in conjunction with major national events. Incomplete statistics show that, since 2013, the group has organized over 70 cultural performances and exhibitions in support for China’s major diplomatic activities.”

“In October 2016, under the guidance of the former Ministry of Culture, the Silk Road International Theatre Alliance was formed. As of today, the alliance has 155 member units from 45 countries and regions, including 83 overseas members and 72 domestic members. Since its establishment, the alliance has played an active role in information exchange, personnel exchanges, and collaboration in performance production among theatre members. It has fostered long-term and deepened cooperation in the field of performing arts with countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative.”

Source: People’s Daily, November 7, 2023