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Beijing Pushing Mid-to-Long-Term Investor Funds into Stocks to Support Chinese Stock Market

China’s stock market performed poorly in 2023. To help buoy the stock market, Beijing has increased its efforts to “introduce mid-to-long-term into the market.”

People’s Daily reported that Lin Xiaozheng, Deputy Director of the Department of Supervision of Securities and Fund Institutions at China’s Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), stated at a press conference that the CSRC will make greater efforts to introduce more mid-to-long-term funds into the market. Lin mentioned that, in recent years, “the CSRC has vigorously developed equity funds and actively promoted various mid-to-long-term funds’ participation in the capital market, achieving phased results. As of the end of 2023, various professional institutional investors, including social security funds, public funds, insurance funds, and pension funds, collectively held 15.9 trillion yuan of A-shares [in the Chinese stock market], doubling the amount held in early 2019. Their stock ownership ratio increases from 17% to 23%. These institutions have become a significant force in promoting the stable and healthy development of the capital market. Among them, public funds held 5.1 trillion yuan of A-shares, and stock ownership ratio increased from 3.8% to 7.3%, making them the largest professional institutional investor in A-shares.”

Source: People’s Daily, January 13, 2024