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Qiushi: The Contribution of China’s Path to World History

Qiushi published an article on the contribution of China’s path to world history.

“While the modern Western path is difficult to copy, to blaze our own path successfully is easier said than done. China, while achieving rapid economic growth, has also made commendable achievements towards fairness, democracy, order, and self-rule. Why? Our experience is that, no matter how market oriented our economy may be, how democratic our political system should be, and how pluralistic our culture should become, the authority of the central committee of the Party is indispensable. The central committee of the Party must have authority. It is both an important feature of the Chinese path and also the political principle and the fundamental experience that we have always followed.” 
The article further stated that the Communist Party’s policy of befriending China’s neighbors is part of the Chinese spirit. 
Source: Qiushi, January 19, 2015