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Qiushi: China Must Develop its Own Discourse System

On January 21, 2015, Qiushi published a commentary that advocated that China develop a comprehensive, thorough, and strong discourse system. 

“We must strengthen [China’s] discourse system by cultivating a comprehensive, thorough, and strong discourse system. The term ‘comprehensive’ means that we should be able to use our own words to explain fully China’s achievements, its problems, and its future; the term ‘thorough’ means that we should explain the issues of concern clearly to everyone so that ordinary people and foreigners can understand them; the term ‘strong’ means that we must have a strong response to the challenge of Western discourse. The West accuses China of strong discourse. Those pro-Western forces in China also use strong but shallow western discourse. We need to fight back forcefully.” 
The commentary stated that Maoist ideology, Deng Xiaoping theory, “the three represents,” the scientific outlook on development and Xi Jinping’s important speeches are all part of the Chinese discourse system. 
The commentary expressed the belief that, without its own discourse system, China could be fooled by Western discourse. Citing the destruction of the former Soviet Union, it stated that, in that year, armed to the teeth, Germany and France failed to destroy the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. However, the United States, using Western discourse, played such a role in the development of the Soviet Union’s mistakes and errors, that it destroyed them. The lesson we must bear in mind is not to let the Western discourse fool us. “We must bear this lesson in mind and not be fooled by Western discourse.” 
Source: Qiushi, January 21, 2015