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Qiushi: Establishing Think Tanks with Chinese Characteristics

The General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council recently issued a joint directive (the Directive) on establishing think tanks with Chinese characteristics. 

Qiushi published a commentary about the Chinese characteristics of these think tanks. It stated that the Directive handles well the relationship between the development of think tanks and political sensitivity. For example, as a matter of basic principles, the Directive emphasized the leadership of the Party, thus laying the political and legal bottom line for the think tanks. The think tanks will be the research consulting entities that focus on strategic issues and public policy for the purpose of assisting the Party and the government in their decision-making process. The think tanks should make a priority of their social responsibility and ensure that they abide by the law and regulations. According to the commentary, the guidelines in the Directive promote the development of the think tanks and do not blindly follow some so-called "knowledge" and "judgment” about how to develop think tanks. 
Source: Qiushi, January 27, 2015 
Full Text of the Directive