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Apple Accepted China’s Comprehensive Safety Inspection

According to Chinese media, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, agreed to a request that China’s State Internet Information Office (SIIO) made that Apple’s phone, tablets, and laptop be subject to security inspections. Although Apple’s products are manufactured in China, Apple hardware and software designs are from the United States. The Chinese government fears that Chinese citizens will be subjected to secret surveillance because of the use of Apple products.
The media reported that Lu Wei, the director of SIIO, told Tim Cook that China is one of Apple’s biggest markets, but Apple’s agreement to allow Chinese security checks matters for China’s national security. China has long raised questions on safety issues related to Apple products. Chinese media reported last July that Apple’s iPhone poses a threat to national security because it can record the user’s location. China’s state media have also criticized Apple, charging the company with providing users’ data to U.S. spy agencies. Chinese media have called for severe sanctions against Apple.
In addition, in the past several weeks, Google’s services in China have been subjected to interference and the Chinese government procurement authorities have prohibited government agencies from using computers that have the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.
Source: BBC Chinese, January 23, 2015