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Huanqiu: Norway is Making Cold War Allegations

Huanqiu published a commentary on Norway’s expulsion of a Chinese student, asking whether Norway wants trade or human rights. 

“A country at the far end of the Eurasian continent and close to the artic suddenly made “cold war style” noises against China. After Norway expelled a Chinese student using the pretext that he was a ‘national security threat,’ it listed Russia and China as ‘threats’ in its annual national security assessment report. The head of its national security department openly accused ‘China and Russia of engaging in espionage activities.’"
Cui Hongjian, Director of the European Department at the China Institute of International Studies, a State think tank, said, “The Norwegian government ought to think clearly. Do they want communications with China and the development of good economic and trade relations, or do they want to be shouting slogans about so-called ‘human rights and democracy.’" According to Huanqiu, the Chinese Embassy in Norway issued a statement stating that the Norwegian government’s remarks are irresponsible, “full of cold war rhetoric” and “without any basis.” 
Source: Huanqiu, February 6, 2015