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Qiushi: The Faculty Is the Key to Political Education in Universities

Qiushi published a commentary in support of tightening the ideological education of college students. The commentary expressed the belief that the faculty members are the key to providing an effective Marxist education in universities and colleges. The commentary stated that faculty members who engage in the following four types of behavior are not good college teachers.   

The first was, “Openly attacking and defaming the Party’s leadership … discrediting socialism, and not having correct ideals and beliefs.” The second was “Complaining, venting grievances, sending out bad vibes to the students, and having no real skills.” Third was “Spreading Western values … praising the West, and having no sense of social responsibility.” Finally came, “Speaking against the Constitution and the law in the classroom and having no political bottom line, no legal bottom line, and no moral bottom line.” 
Source: Qiushi, February 13, 2015