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Xi Jinping’s Strategic Blueprint for the Four Comprehensives

On February 24, 2015, People’s Daily published a front-page editorial discussing Xi Jinping’s new political theory in great detail. It is a "strategic blueprint for China" represented by four slogans known as the "four comprehensives."  

These are: “Comprehensively build a moderately prosperous society; comprehensively deepen reform; comprehensively rule the nation according to the law; and comprehensively use the strict governance of the Party.”
“The ‘four comprehensives’ have both goals and initiatives; they have both focus and an overall picture; every ‘comprehensive’ carries great strategic significance. Development is the theme of the times and the common pursuit of countries in the world; reform is the driving force and the trend of social progress; the rule of law is an important protection of national governance systems and governance modernization; and governing the Party strictly is a necessary requirement for the ruling party to strengthen itself. The four do not simply have a parallel relationship; they are connected organically, in a top-level design. Building a moderately prosperous society, full of the spirit of reform, strengthening the rule of law, and implementing the tightening of Party discipline – the main theme of ‘the four comprehensives’  draws the blueprint for the future of socialism in China."
Source: People’s Daily reprinted by Xinhua, February 24, 2015