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Red Flag Manuscript: Convert Development Advantage to Benefit Theoretical Work and Discourse Power

Red Flag Manuscript published an article stating that, in current theoretical work, (we) "must pay high attention to the development of our discourse system" and "truly convert the [economic] development advantage of the Socialist Path with Chinese Characteristics to an advantage in theoretical work and discourse power."

The article said that there are four main discourse systems in China: political discourse, academic discourse, public discourse, and Internet discourse. The Communist Party should extend its control over all four systems. During that process, "The core discourse about Marxism and the Socialist Path with Chinese Characteristics cannot be lost or blurred. (We) should apply the core concepts of the ‘China dream,’ to these systems, while ‘comprehensively deepening reform,’ ‘Socialist core values,’ and ‘the rule by law on the Socialist Path with Chinese Characteristics.’"

Source: Qiushi Online, February 25 2015