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Study Times: How Overseas Think Tanks Study China

Study Times published an article on how Western think tanks study China issues and what China should do about it. 

The article stated that first, those in the U.S. lead the Western think tanks in studying the China topics that they select. These topics are very focused, pragmatic, and forward-looking. For example, the U.S. think thanks study China’s rise, the return of the U.S. to Asia, China’s energy strategy, the North Korean nuclear issue, the impact of the U.S.-Iran relationship on China, and the China-India relationship. Second, Western think tanks have high quality researchers and research products due to the revolving door where researchers move among government, think tanks, and academia. Third, Western think tanks tend to be very influential in many ways. 
The article recommended that China should attach great importance to timely tracking and analyzing the progress of the overseas think tanks’ studies of China; proactively participate in the China study programs of these think tanks, and actively promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese think tanks and international think tanks. 
Source: Study Times, March 2, 2015