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Qiushi: The Need to Maintain Information Sovereignty

Quishi published a commentary on the U.S. response to China’s proposed anti-terrorism law. The article stated that the law is to meet the needs of anti-terrorism work in China and was drafted based on the legislature and on the practice of other countries. It is a major step towards the rule of law. “However, some foreigners do not seem to understand China’s development of its anti-terrorism law. They particularly disagree with the part related to information security.”

“In order to maintain their own information security and related businesses, [the U.S.] asks its companies” to comply with the requirements of its national laws, but the U.S. expects that its companies not respect China’s information security within China. The United States is probably still using last century’s calendar. As we comprehensively promote the rule of law at the beginning of the year, we need to maintain China’s information sovereignty.” 
Source: Qiushi, March 5, 2015