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Xinhua: Unapproved Political Activities Harm the State

Xinhua reported that analysts at official think tanks have commented on the new terms that the Supreme People’s Court has used in accusing disgraced top cadres Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai, and others of engaging in political activities "not approved" by the Communist Party. These analysts pointed out that, when compared with the common term "unapproved activities,” the objective of "political activities not approved by the Party" is more sinister and serious, and that resolute opposition [to such activities] reflects the Party’s implementation of tighter control. 

Wang Yukai, a professor at the China National School of Administration said that “political activities not approved by the Party ignore the Party’s political discipline and rules and even severely harm the State as well as the Party’s unity." Zhang Xixian from the Central Party School of the Communist Party commented that "unapproved political activities" occur when a high level Party official engages in political activities not approved by the Party, clearly in violation of the principles of the Party organization, political discipline, and political rules." "Resolutely opposing such activities and completely preventing them from happening is very necessary and urgent. It demonstrates the latest round of measures to tighten the Party’s discipline.” 
Source: Xinhua, March 19, 2015