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Outlook Weekly: Four Groups That Resist Reform

Outlook Weekly published a commentary stating that Xi Jinping views four groups as being resistant to reform.

The first resistance group consists of strong special interests that interfere with or "misread" the top-level design of reform. 
The second resistance group consists of departments and local governments that, in the implementation of the reforms, selectively implement the decisions of the central government that support their own local interests. 
The third group is the grassroots cadres who “grab feathers from a flying goose.” They seize any opportunity for private gain and harbor fear and resentment. This “last mile” often becomes the bottleneck that breeds more “flies.”  
The fourth group of resistance is public opinion. Any major government initiative is a social hot topic that gathers public opinion that supports opposition to it. 
Source: Outlook Weekly reprinted by China Review News, April 2, 2015