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People’s Daily: U.S. Speculation on China’s ASAT Missile Exposed U.S. Combat System’s Fatal Flaw

People’s Daily reported on a CCTV interview of Chinese military experts who commented on U.S. officials’ public statements on China’s anti-satellite missiles. 

The report said, “On March 25, U.S. media stated that there are two Chinese anti-satellite missiles that can hit satellites that are in high orbits. Cecil Haney, the Commander of the U.S. Strategic Command, said that, in future conflicts, the United States needs to be prepared for satellite attacks. The U.S. media also pointed out that with 12 Chinese anti-satellite missiles, there could be a severe limit to the U.S. military’s long-range operations, such as its defense of Taiwan, Japan, and Korea.” 
“Military expert Du Wenlong responded, during an interview with CCTV, that the U.S. amplifies the China threat, [in order to] find excuses to finance more funds to develop its strategic advantage in space. At the same time, the U.S.’ remarks also exposed a fatal flaw in the American combat system. If the U.S. military reconnaissance and early warning system fails completely, its combat capabilities may return to the ‘Stone Age.’" 

 Source: People’s Daily, March, 27, 2015