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Xinhua: Establishment of Nationwide Party Committee Social Work Departments Completed

The Chinese Communist Party established a “Social Work Department” at the 20th National Party Congress. Xinhua News Agency reported that a “Conference of National Party Social Work Department Heads” was held in Beijing on February 22. According to the meeting’s announcement, all provinces have established “Party Committee’s Social Work Departments” and have begun to comprehensively fulfill their responsibilities.

A major responsibility of the Social Work Department is to “lead Party development at the grassroots governance level.” In 2024, “national social work” activities will focus on “developing and enhancing the grassroots-level governance.” It will also “ensure the Party’s comprehensive leadership over industry associations and chambers of commerce, and strengthen the Party work at national industry associations and chambers of commerce.” The plan is to make “solid progress on Party development in mixed-ownership enterprises, private enterprises, new economic organizations, new social organizations, and new employment groups,” and also to “improve the volunteer service system.”

Source: Xinhua, February 22, 2024