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VOA: China’s First Military Game Uses the U.S. as the Imaginary Enemy

According to a Voice of America report, Nanjing Military Region and Wuxi Giant Network Science and Technology Corporation developed China’s first military game, which is called “mission of honor.” The introductory video shows Chinese soldiers firing at the imaginary “enemy” using obvious images of American soldiers. Then they shoot down an American military “Apache” helicopter. The article points out that using games translated from foreign languages “is not good for the military’s educational training; it may misguide the soldiers” because the contents, values, and military ideals are quite different from (China’s). PLA Daily says, “’mission of honor’ is completely our own intellectual property. It has filled a blank in China’s military games. The improved version of the software will be distributed to the army for application.”

Source: Voice of America, May 20, 2011