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CCP Issues Its First Regulations on United Front Work

On May 25, Xinhua announced that the Chinese Communist Party issued the “United Front Work Regulations of the Chinese Communist Party (trial version).” The regulations became effective on May 18, 2015. They are the first ever regulations on managing relations with people who are not members of the Communist Party. The regulations cover relations with individuals and organizations who have social, commercial, or academic influence, both inside and outside China, with the goal of ensuring that these groups are supportive of and useful to the Communist Party rule’s (which is called united front work). 

The regulations state that united front work is the political advantage and strategy of the Chinese Communist Party to solidify its ruling status. As the first codified regulations, they provide guidance and principles. In addition they institutionalize and standardize all phases of united front work.  Therefore, the issuance of the regulations is viewed as a major milestone in the Party’s history. 
The non-Communist Party people who are targeted are “new social class members.” They include managers at privately-owned or foreign owned enterprises, free-lancers, and new media professionals. 
For the first time, the regulations set forth comprehensive guidance on the Party organizations’ responsibilities. Key leaders of the Party organizations will be designated as the No. One responsible person in charge of the united front work. All leaders of the Party organizations must take the lead in spreading the Party’s theories, policies, and rules; in participating in important events of united front work; and in becoming friends with non-Communist Party people. 
Source: Xinhua, May 25, 2015