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Obamas’ Exclusive Win Mentality Will Lead the United States to Lose the World

China’s state media Xinhua published a series of articles responding to Obama’s speech at the Nike factory in Oregon. The editor added the following comments: 

“Recently, at the Nike factory in Oregon, Obama boasted, ‘We must let [make sure] the United States writes the global economic rules. … If we don’t, [–guess what–] China will. They’ll write those rules in a way that gives Chinese workers and Chinese businesses the upper hand.’ It is just a few words, but it is the most blatant propaganda that Obama has issued for the TPP’s public relations. It revealed the United States’ narrow ‘win-lose’ [I win exclusively; you lose] mentality and his imperial-style elite thinking. How clear, how wrong, and how dangerous this is! 
“In fact, the American arrogance and the tyranny of a ‘single superpower’ has been a frequent topic among the U.S. elites. With the waning of its strength advantage, it will be difficult to allow the United States’ ambitions to ‘lead’ the world for another century. The U.S.’s greatest pain today is that it cannot accept a multipolar world. Over the years, the U.S. has pursued unilateralism in diplomatic and military affairs; it is engaged with an economic coterie of elite alliances to the exclusion of developing countries; it has imposed its political ideology on other countries. Many experts have pointed out that this "win-lose" elite-style of thinking of the United States will further contribute to the U.S. decline. Even more countries will want de-Americanization. Eventually the U.S. will lose the world.” 

Source: Xinhua, May 28, 2015