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Editor Suspended Due to Personal Remarks on the Internet

On May 28, 2015, Lanzhou Daily, a Communist Party media in the capital of Gansu Province, announced its decision to suspend Editor Zhao Wen and to initiate an investigation against him due to his “inappropriate remarks” made on his own weibo (miniblog). Earlier, Zhao had made remarks in his blog criticizing the police.

“According to reports, members of the public filed complaints with the authorities saying that, on May 27, Editor Zhao Wen from the editorial department of Lanzhou Daily published inappropriate remarks on his personal Weibo and his Tencent Weibo. The remarks hurt the feelings of policemen and their families, had an adverse impact on society, and also tarnished the image of journalists in the Lanzhou area. Given the serious consequences that resulted from Zhao’s personal remarks, on May 28, the Party committee decided to suspend Zhao immediately, that he would be subject to a newspaper investigation, and that he would be subject to further disciplinary action.” 
Source: China Gansu, May 28, 2015