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Chinese Review News: Are Sino-U.S. Relations In Winter?

China Review News published a commentary that stated, "Recently, conflicts have continually emerged between China and the U.S."

"First, the U.S. and the Philippines held a joint naval exercise near the islands over which both China and the Philippines claim sovereignty. Second, the U.S. has pressured China to stop its island-building in the South China Sea and sent planes and ships to go inside the 12 nautical miles of those islands (which is considered China’s water and air-space). Secretary of State Kerry’s visit to China did not cool things down. He didn’t reach an agreement with China on the island-building issue. His statement on deploying the THAAD missile defense system, when visiting South Korea after his China trip, further hurt China’s nerves."

The U.S. media have also stirred things up. They exaggerated the military threat from China and have re-cooked the Chinese spy cases. They called Li Keqiang’s visit to Latin America confronting the U.S. in its own backyard and said that Xi Jinping’s attending Russia’s Victory Day Parade was China and Russia joining forces to counter the U.S.

"Though China and the U.S. have already established a coordination mechanism at multiple levels, that didn’t help stop the disputes from escalating. The U.S.’ pressing attitude and its dogmatic rhetoric made it lose sincerity when communicating with China. Its media further stirred up issues and added more barriers to resolution, leaving both sides unwilling to take the first step to ease the tension." "This could be a lose-lose battle for both sides."

Source: China Review News, May 24, 2015