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Xinhua: Communist Party Plans to Establish Branches in Social Organizations

Xinhua recently reported that, on May 29, the Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee decided to establish Party branches in the leadership sections of all levels of the government, people’s groups, economic organizations, cultural organizations, social organizations, and other organizations. The Communist Party is determined to ensure a strong organizational guarantee that it maintains overall leadership as well as central coordination. The Party expressed the belief that the new organizational model is required to deepen the nationwide reform and to ensure the rule of law. The Communist Party used to have similar guidelines but the newly reinforced rules changed the wording “could establish branches” to “should establish branches.” A new term “Social Organization” was added to the language of this new Party decision. Analysts suggested that a large number of new types of organizations have been established recently and the Communist Party does not have any presence in most of these social bodies. Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping chaired the Politburo conference that passed the decision.
Source: Xinhua, May 30, 2015