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China and Japan Are Negotiating an Extradition Treaty

Xinhua recently reported that China and Japan just completed a round of negotiations on signing an extradition treaty. The last round of negotiations took place in 2010 and was later paused due to the worsened relationship between the two nations. China has such a treaty with 38 countries but Japan only has extradition treaties with the United States and South Korea. Currently, China is the number one destination country for Japanese criminals to hide, so the Japanese authorities are very much interested in having such a treaty in place. The on-going anti-corruption movement in China also calls for legal tools to help capture corrupt officials who have escaped to Japan. However, some Japanese human rights advocates are against this initiative and have expressed their concern that China could abuse the concept of “criminal.” This recent round of negotiations has lasted for two days.
Source: Xinhua, June 5, 2015