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CCP Claims 115 Million Children Affiliated Communist Young Pioneers Organization

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) released data on the number of children in its affiliated Communist Young Pioneers organization. According to the National Young Pioneers Work Committee, as of December 31, 2023, there were 114.807 million Young Pioneers nationwide. There are a total of 276,000 grassroots-level Young Pioneers Committees across the country, including 190,000 in primary and secondary schools, 83,000 in townships (streets) and villages (communities), and 3,000 in youth centers.

The CCP has three communist organizations: the CCP is for adults, the Communist Youth League is for youths (ages 14 to 28), and Communist Young Pioneers is for children (ages 6 to 14). According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics there were 159 million children in the 6-to-14 age range in 2020. If these numbers are correct, then the CCP has made the majority of China’s youth join its Young Pioneers organization.

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