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Report Shows Four Major Unhealthy Trends in Central Enterprises

China News published an article on the report that the Central Leading Group for Inspection Work recently released. Since March of this year, the Central Leading Group has dispatched 13 inspection teams to report on 21 central enterprises. The article said that the findings indicated that the companies inspected exhibited four major unhealthy trends. The first involved the inappropriate use of funds for meals and entertainment, luxury display art work, conference centers, hotels, and exercise training facilities. The second was that favors were issued during promotions and any conflict of interest when using family members was ignored. Third was the corruption among company leaders when they used state owned assets for personal gain and when there were loopholes in state asset supervision. Fourth was the formation of interest groups using family members to take possession of state owned assets. The article also listed the names of the companies under each of the four categories. China Mobile was the only company, out of the 21 in the report, that was not on that list.

Source: China News, June 19, 2015