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Survey Indicates 15.1 Percent of “Left Behind” Children Don’t Get to See Parents in a Year

A White Book discussed a survey on the "Mental State of the ‘Left Behind’ Children" whose parents have gone to the city to work. If the ratio from the survey is used and applied to 61 million left behind children in the nation, only 17 million get to see their parents once or twice a year. Close to 9.21 million children don’t even get a chance to see their parents for the entire year. The results also indicated that those whose mothers are not around suffer more mentally than those whose fathers are not around. The article also mentioned that other than the 61 million left behind children, there are also 35 million migrant children who are 17 years and younger. They stay with their parents who have found work in the city. Therefore the total number of children between these two groups is over 100 million based on the national census in 2010. This survey was conducted from October to December in 2014. It covered six provinces and districts with 2,131 out of 2,218 surveys returned. The questions in the survey covered subjects from communication to school work, after school activities, and the children’s mental state.

Source: Xinhua, June 20, 2015