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The Party Has Not Won a Landslide Victory over Corruption in the Military

In a Qiushi article, Du Jincai, Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China, stated that corruption in the Chinese military is "grave and complex." He stated that the Party has not yet won "a landslide victory" over corruption.  

“To be honest, the situation of the government’s anti-corruption campaign remains severe and complicated. [We] have not won a landslide victory to ensure that people dare not, cannot, and will not become corrupt. Some problems are long-standing and so deeply rooted that we urgently need a major massive investigation and ideological clean up.” 
Du warned that without such a major effort to remedy the situation, corruption “will spread like an epidemic” and “will seriously undermine the Party’s absolute leadership over the military.” 
Du further explained that the external environment cannot be ignored. “The so-called Western democracy, freedom, human rights, and other erroneous ideas” have greatly influenced military personnel. 
Source: Qiushi reprinted by Huanqiu, July 22, 2015