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70 Percent of Investors Suffered Losses in the Stock Market Crash

Southern Metropolis Daily published the results of a survey in which individual investors in the stock market in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province were asked to respond. The survey closed on July 21, 2015. Of the 1,006 participants, about 70 percent suffered losses, 20 percent had gains, and 10 percent had neither gains nor losses. As to the extent of losses, over 40 percent of respondents said they lost over 30 percent of their investment. 

Of those responding, male investors accounted for 87 percent and female 13 percent. As for the level of experience, those with less than two years of experience in the market accounted for 40 percent of the participants in the survey. Over 40 percent indicated they had invested over 50 percent of their savings in the market
Source: Southern Metropolis Daily, July 23, 2015