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VOA: Allowing Xi to Host Women’s Rights Meeting at the UN Brings Shame to the World

Voice of America (VOA) carried an article reporting on Xi Jinping’s joint hosting of a meeting at the United Nations on the subject of women’s rights. The article stated that, even though China continues to detain and harass women rights activists, Xi Jinping still went ahead and jointly hosted the meeting. Some human rights groups told VOA, "Allowing Xi Jinping to speak at the conference brings shame to the world." The article said that in Xi’s speech, he acknowledged that woman’s rights are human rights but he placed women’s rights after the rights for economic development. At the same time, the U.S. government launched a movement to call for the release of 20 women political activists. Three Chinese women’s rights activists were included in that number. According to the article, Samantha Power, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, stated that the pictures of those women were placed at the entrance of the summit so that the delegates attending the summit could see them.

Source: VOA, September 27, 2015