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Chinese Official Media Launched Propaganda Video to Show Foreigners Complimenting Xi Jinping

RFA reported that China’s official media, China Daily, published a three and half minute long video titled, "Who is Xi Dada" [in China, Xi Jinping is often called "Xi Dada" or "Big Daddy Xi"] on YouTube. The video consisted of compliments that foreign students studying in China gave to Xi Jinping. The article said that Xi’s visit to the U.S. faced many issues. Chinese authorities wished to use the video to glorify Xi’s image but the effort appears to have been in vain. The article said that, by the time RFA published the report, there were over 100,000 clicks on the video. However, the video also drew criticism and sarcasm. Some people called it the worst mentally retarded video ever. Some said that the video of Xi was published on a website that the Chinese people can’t even visit and that only People’s Daily can do things like this. RFA also quoted from the phone interviews it conducted. One comment said that the video is China’s propaganda to fool the foreigners because many protesters outside of China call Xi a dictator. Another comment said that China is concerned about Xi’s international image and that Xi has a very low acceptance rate. The article stated that the video is political propaganda but that it will not achieve the anticipated results.

Source: Radio Free Asia, September 25, 2015