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Caixin: The Founding Fathers of the United States Created a Superior Structure for the System

On December 31, 2015, Caixin, a media group that is close to current top CCP leader Xi Jinping, published an article titled, “The Reform of the Structure That Enables Reform of the System Is the Most Important (action).” There are three levels of social reforms in the history of mankind: 1) Reform at the Technological Level; 2) Reform at the System Level (the Rules of the Game); and 3) Reform of the Structure of the System Level (Rules for the Rules of the Game).

According to the article, the 1st (technology) and the 2nd (system) level reforms can be achieved by a few social elites or by an authoritarian government. Such reforms are not sustainable and cannot adapt to social and economic changes. The 3rd, the structure for the system level reform can be realized based on the newly formed social consensus and the social contract. Only after the completion of the 3rd reform in a country can that country be regarded as an open society. Social and economic development will then embark on a healthy development track: social development relies on a robust and secure system, rather than counting on a few social elites. In an open society, the government itself is also subject to the limitations and constraints of the social contract.  

“Therefore, in terms of importance, the structure of the system is the first priority. If there is a superior structure for the system, a good system will be derived therefrom. Once there is a good system, it will give birth to advanced technology. I think this is why Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and other founding fathers of the United States are respected by their posterity: They created a superior structure for the system."

Source: Caixin, December 31, 2015