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Chinese Official’s Oath of Allegiance Omits Loyalty to the Party

China has established a new procedure. Before assuming office, each official will go through the process of taking an oath of allegiance to uphold the Constitution. The 70-Chinese letter oath states that the official is to "be loyal to the Constitution," "be loyal to the country," and "be loyal to the people." It does not mention being "loyal to the (Communist) Party."

On January 13, at the Supreme People’s Court, more than ten new judges took this oath for their first time.

According to the "Decision of the National People’s Congress on the Implementation of Taking an Oath (of allegiance) to the Constitutional System," starting January 1 of this year, all government employees, including those who work at the People’s Congress, the government, the People’s Court, and the People’s Procuratorate, will take this standard oath.

The oath, when translated into English, states:
"I pledge: (I will) be loyal to the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, safeguard the Constitution’s authority, perform obligations as required by law, be loyal to the country, be loyal to the people, be committed to my duty, be honest on my job, accept the people’s supervision, and work hard to build a socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, and harmonious."

Source: VOA Chinese, January 14, 2016