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People’s Daily: Obama’s State of the Union Address Painted a Rosy Soft Picture

People’s Daily recently published a commentary on U.S. President Barak Obama’s last State of the Union Address. The commentary suggested that lame duck presidents typically provide nothing constructive in their last State of the Union Address. Instead they prefer to focus on their legacy. However, President Obama took painting this kind of “political soft picture” to the next level by describing an optimistic future that he cannot deliver to his people due to his term limitation. The author expressed the belief in the commentary that the general American middle-class is actually in a state of “anxiety and unease” – and Obama’s speech was trying to persuade people to believe that there is hope. With the currently rising “Trump Phenomenon,” the American public is largely in agreement that the nation is on the wrong path. Even the economic recovery is very questionable. Obama seems to realize that there is a gap between reality and people’s expectations. In his speech, he tried to prove that what he has done set the stage for a better tomorrow. 
Source: People’s Daily, January 14, 2016