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People’s Daily Condemns Obama’s Meeting with the Dalai Lama

A July 16, 2011, a People’s Daily commentary criticized U.S. President Obama, because, against the objections of the Chinese government, he met with the Dalai Lama in the White House map room. “The development of events shows that the U.S. insists on interfering with China’s internal affairs and has harmed the Sino-U.S. relationship.”

The article said, “While begging for a meeting with U.S. government officials and profiting from U.S. tax payers money, Dalai has repeatedly neglected the historic facts, intensified attacks on the Chinese government, and claimed ‘to cause trouble for China.’”

The commentary further added, “a (U.S. State Department) official announced that by the end of July this year, the U.S. government will allocate funding of $2 million for a two-year project to support the Tibetans settling down in India, Nepal, Bhutan and other South Asia countries, with the goal of ‘increased economic opportunities which will encourage youth to remain in the settlements, strengthen community ties, and preserve cultural and linguistic traditions.’ This type of monetary ‘support’ will undoubtedly encourage and intensify the Dalai clique’s separatist activities.”

Source: People’s Daily Online, July 16, 2011.