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Chinese American Organizations Denounce Obama-Dalai Lama Meeting

Some overseas Chinese organizations in the United States have echoed Beijng’s outcry and lashed out at the Obama-Dalai Lama meeting, saying it hurts the overseas Chinese people’s feelings.

He Xiaohui, the executive deputy president of the Washington D.C. branch of the China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Unification, said, “Overseas Chinese in the United States insist on maintaining national reunification, and oppose any separatist act. The Tibetan issue is China’s internal affair; no country or no person is allowed to interfere.”

Ye Yubin, deputy chair of the Union of Chinese American Professional Organizations, said, “The Tibetan issue is China’s internal affair and should be decided by the Chinese people themselves. Obama’s meeting with the Dalai Lama is interfering with China’s internal affairs. Overseas Chinese firmly oppose any separatist act and support peace and the reunification of the motherland.”

Source: Xinhua, July 17, 2011.