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China’s New Anti-Corruption Action: Senior Officials’ Relatives Can’t Travel out of the Country

Hong Kong’s "Trends" magazine reported in its May issue that the mainland’s anti-corruption leader, Wang Qishan, started another round of anti-corruption activity. Family members and relatives of the top-level officials are restricted from going abroad to inspect their properties. On top of the list is former Communist head Jiang Zemin. A number of Chinese news websites have republished this report. 

According to the report, on April 25, Wang Qishan’s Central Discipline Inspection Commission, together with China’s Organization Ministry, and the CPC Central Political and Law Commission, issued a notice titled, "Provisions on Traveling Abroad for the Family Members and Relatives of the Senior Officials from the Party, Government, and Military, as well as National Organizations (including retired cadres at the provincial and ministerial levels and above and their family members and relatives). The provisions are effective immediately. 
The report said that those who are restricted from leaving the country must report in writing within 60 days on their properties, passports, citizenship, and other information. 
Per the report, 1570 people received the notice. Among them, 159 are state-level or deputy state-level officials’ family members and relatives. On the list of retired state-level officials, former Chinese Communist Party head Jiang Zemin sits on the top, while Zeng Qinghong, Li Changchun, Jia Qinglin, He Guoqiang, and Wu Guanzheng are also on the list. A total of 42 direct relatives and 17 associated relatives from this group received the notice. 

Sources: Wenxuecity and Duowei, May 18-19, 2016