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Huanqiu: China Rejects the Cultural Revolution

On May 17, 2016, Huanqiu (Global Times) published a commentary stating that the 1981 Party document “The Resolution on a Number of Historical Issues Since the Founding of the Party” made an authoritative determination totally rejecting the "Cultural Revolution."  Since then, generations of Chinese leaders have all consistently supported the conclusion of the resolution; no dissenters have ever been reported in the Party’s documents. The commentary stated that completely rejecting the "Cultural Revolution" is not only an understanding throughout the Communist Party, but also a solid consensus of the entire Chinese society.

 “The ’Cultural Revolution’ will not be repeated in China. Those disastrous 10 years inflicted grave harm to China’s development, leaving a permanent wound in the life of the people.” 
"The commentary stated that there have always been different voices on the issue of the "Cultural Revolution," but as loud as some of them are, they are out of touch with the reality that the Chinese people are concerned about, and they will not be able make waves. 
“We said goodbye to the ‘Cultural Revolution’ a long time ago. We can say it again today. The ‘Cultural Revolution’ cannot and will not come back. China today no longer has a place for the ‘Cultural Revolution.’ As to the question of whether it will repeat itself, the answer is very clear. The collective thinking of the Chinese people is several levels higher and there is absolutely no way that people will ever allow the ‘Cultural Revolution’ to catch up with us and haunt us again.”  
Source: Huanqiu, May 17, 2016