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Qiushi: Dealing with Arguments against the Anti-corruption Campaign

Critics of China’s anti-corruption campaign have offered numerous arguments in favor of stopping the campaign. On May 15, 2015, Qiushi published a commentary rebutting critics’ remarks opposing the campaign. 

According to the commentary, as the anti-corruption campaign has progressed, “there have been some absurd arguments such as, ‘Anti-Corruption damages the image of the Communist Party.’ Those who hold this view believe that, as more corrupt officials are under investigation and more scandals are exposed, the public may develop a "no good people in the Party" feeling, causing people to question our Party. It may also result in the international community seeing the Party with an adverse view, thus damaging the Party’s reputation and image. This argument appears to protect the Party, but it actually harbors resentment [against the anti-corruption campaign], in an attempt to negate it and slow down the anti-corruption efforts. We must, therefore, firmly clarify our position.” 
The commentary dismissed those arguments against the anti-corruption campaign, stating that the "heavy blows" and "strong medicine" used in the anti-corruption campaign against a large number of leaders and the senior leaders in particular, has shown the public the firm opposition against corruption and the strong determination to build clean politics. The anti-corruption campaign has won applause both inside and outside of the Party and both domestically and abroad.
Source: Qiushi, May 15, 2016