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CCDI: Early Warning Needed When Party Officials Show Signs They Are Going to Flee

China News Service carried an article that the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) originally published. The article was part of a five article series on the anti-corruption effort, specifically on the international pursuit of stolen goods. The article stated that, while China is actively building an international network to go after the Party officials who have fled the country with money, more preventive efforts can be taken before it is too late. The article said that the Party officials often show signs when they plan to flee. Therefore, it is crucial that their behavior and daily routine are closely monitored. It also requires that the Party organization take responsibility and follow the guidelines on passport management, boarder entry, and exit claims, as well as the guidelines on the family members of the Party officials who have emigrated overseas. The article said that any early signs of fleeing should be reported immediately. 

Source: China News Service, July 4, 2016