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People’s Daily Warns U.S. Not to Breach the Bottom Line in the South China Sea Issue

People’s Daily published an article to warn the United States not to go too far on the South China Sea issue. It said, “The U.S. must be clear that everything has a bottom line. Once someone goes too far, they have to pay the price.”

The article said, “The South China Sea was not an issue between China and the United States to begin with. However, what has happened over the past few years clearly shows that the United States, as an outsider, uses the South China Sea as a lever to realize its own strategic objectives. This has led to the ever-increasing tension in the South China Sea.” 

“U.S. senior officials have stirred up the South China Sea issue on all kinds of occasions … [They] have strongly pushed the Philippines and other countries to stand up against and make trouble for China. The problem of freedom of navigation in the South China Sea does not even exist, but because the Americans wanted to have such a problem, they then turned such a false proposition into a real issue. The Pentagon even took out the aircraft carriers, strategic bombers, missile destroyers, and other belongings deep from its security box. American’s words and deeds have greatly increased the risk to the peace and stability in the South China Sea. However, the provocateurs should find out, China’s determination and ability to defend its interests will thus only be further enhanced.”
“If the United States chooses the pressuring and intimidating ‘brinkmanship’ policy at any cost, then there will be only one outcome. The United States will have to assume full responsibility for the further tensions in the South China Sea that may arise. On the South China Sea issue, for China, safeguarding its national sovereignty and territorial integrity is unshakable. No one should have an illusion [about this] and try to gamble.”

Source: People’s Daily, July 6, 2016