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State Think Tank Critical of Secretary Clinton’s Remarks on India

Xinhua reprinted a commentary from Jiefang Daily that Wang Yusheng, the Executive Director of the Centre for Strategic Studies at the China Foundation for International Studies, wrote about U.S. Secretary Clinton’s speech made during the U.S. – India Dialogue. According to Wang, Clinton “encouraged and urged India” to play a role in the east. The title of the commentary was “Hilary: You Cannot Hurt China; You Only Exposed Yourself." Wang stated that the objective of Secretary Clinton’s remarks was to instigate fights and contain China. “Although the U.S. neo-conservative idealists expected tension between China and its neighboring countries, it did not occur. This was not because of the U.S. ‘hard power’ and ‘soft power’ or its much relished ‘smart power’; rather, it was the result of China’s ‘affinity power.’” The negative behavior of the U.S. toward China “cannot hurt China and merely brings to light the dark side and the vulnerability of its international behavior.”

Source: Jiefang Daily reprinted by Xinhua, August 1, 2011